Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Norwalk to Old Lyme, CT

Life on a boat is full of unexpected events. Friday morning we awoke as usual and got ready for the long 62 nautical mile run down Long Island Sound to Old Lyme CT.

A routine check in the engine compartment revealed a coolant leak. A quick inspection by a service mechanic ended with "you need to replace the coolant pump". Needless to say it would be Monday before the part would arrive and installed. So, we made the best of it, rented a car and drove home to East Haddam for the weekend.

Finally, after a four day delay we made our way to Old Lyme with a cruise on a picture perfect day.

And, a final night at the Old Lyme Dock Co.
Tomorrow's run up the Connecticut River ends this 9 week trip and our travels for the year.  We were able to see a part of the world in a unique way, and met many wonderful people along the way.  It has truly been the adventure of a lifetime, and one we are grateful to be able to have done. 

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