Friday, August 15, 2014

Essex, CT

With our 2014 adventure over and the boat scrubbed and polished, Dunworkin is berthed for the remainder of the season in Essex CT. where we can enjoy cocktails in the cockpit, sunsets over the harbor and lunches at the cafĂ© at Essex Island Marina.

A great way to end.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Norwalk to Old Lyme, CT

Life on a boat is full of unexpected events. Friday morning we awoke as usual and got ready for the long 62 nautical mile run down Long Island Sound to Old Lyme CT.

A routine check in the engine compartment revealed a coolant leak. A quick inspection by a service mechanic ended with "you need to replace the coolant pump". Needless to say it would be Monday before the part would arrive and installed. So, we made the best of it, rented a car and drove home to East Haddam for the weekend.

Finally, after a four day delay we made our way to Old Lyme with a cruise on a picture perfect day.

And, a final night at the Old Lyme Dock Co.
Tomorrow's run up the Connecticut River ends this 9 week trip and our travels for the year.  We were able to see a part of the world in a unique way, and met many wonderful people along the way.  It has truly been the adventure of a lifetime, and one we are grateful to be able to have done. 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Croton, NY to Norwalk CT

We left Half-moon Bay Marina a little later than usual to let showers pass and to arrive at Hell's Gate at slack tide. The trip down the Hudson River was not ideal due to the less than perfect morning weather and heavy barge traffic in both directions. Thankfully, the Spuyten Duyvil bridge was open and the trip through the Harlem River quick.

Traffic as we entered Hell's Gate made it just that. A flotilla of small sail boats, perhaps 15 or 20 took advantage of the slack tide to make their way south down the East River while two large barges were heading east to Long Island Sound and two headed south all converged at Hell's Gate just as we got there. It was like going up the down staircase during rush hour.

In Long Island Sound the weather cleared as we passed Execution Rock and had a pleasant run to Sheffield Harbor, Norwalk CT.

Our day ended with lobster cobb salad on the deck of the Sunset Grill at Norwalk Cove Marina.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kingston, NY and Croton-On-Hudson

We left Coeyman's Landing yesterday morning and headed to Roundout Creek in Kingston, NY. This is our fourth time covering this leg of the trip so there is little new and the run was unremarkable.

That said it is always nice to view the scenery along the way. Since we've blogged about this part of our journey in 2012 Mini-Loop I'll leave it at that.

Our night at Roundout Yacht Basin was unusual in that we were the only transients. At this point in the season, this is the low period between the northern migration of Loopers and the southern flow of Snowbirds.  Normally the docks would be alive with regulars and transient, but there were no mid-week over-niters, so we had the entire place to ourselves. It was so quiet. Not a sound, not  a wave slap, not a wake the whole night. A little like being home in East Haddam.

This morning we headed out to Croton-on-Hudson, 42 nm run through, what I consider, the best part of the Hudson River outside of New York City - the Hudson Highlands.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Waterford to Coeyman's Landing

Waterford Harbor docks has an ugly side. The low cost of docking with electric for a one time charge of $10 and a lack of enforcement of the 48 hour rule has attracted homeless and dead-beat boaters. Many boats, some pretty scruffy, have been there for a week or more.

The facilities, bath and showers, are tired at best, that plus their use by non-boaters (fishermen and derelicts) and homeless boaters make them nearly unfit to use. The volunteers try hard but are generally seniors, untrained, and unable to police the docks.

Even with a forecast of thunderstorms we decided we had to move on and make the three hour run to Coeyman's Landing Marina.

We waited for the first storm to pass and hoped to be docked before the next sever thunderstorm arrived. We just made it. Then the heavens opened.

During our run, as we locked through the Troy Lock, perhaps for the last time, we noted that it had been our first in 2012 and now our 227th lock through.

Passing Albany, NY it is always interesting to see the state capital, NY State University buildings and waterfront.

Of course, being back on the Hudson River means sharing it with large barges, tugs and ships. Here is one passing the Coeyman Landing breakwater