Monday, July 28, 2014

Waterford to Coeyman's Landing

Waterford Harbor docks has an ugly side. The low cost of docking with electric for a one time charge of $10 and a lack of enforcement of the 48 hour rule has attracted homeless and dead-beat boaters. Many boats, some pretty scruffy, have been there for a week or more.

The facilities, bath and showers, are tired at best, that plus their use by non-boaters (fishermen and derelicts) and homeless boaters make them nearly unfit to use. The volunteers try hard but are generally seniors, untrained, and unable to police the docks.

Even with a forecast of thunderstorms we decided we had to move on and make the three hour run to Coeyman's Landing Marina.

We waited for the first storm to pass and hoped to be docked before the next sever thunderstorm arrived. We just made it. Then the heavens opened.

During our run, as we locked through the Troy Lock, perhaps for the last time, we noted that it had been our first in 2012 and now our 227th lock through.

Passing Albany, NY it is always interesting to see the state capital, NY State University buildings and waterfront.

Of course, being back on the Hudson River means sharing it with large barges, tugs and ships. Here is one passing the Coeyman Landing breakwater

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