Thursday, August 2, 2012

Haverstraw,NY - Running for Home

Monday evening in Waterford we were part of a Mayfly swarm. As soon as it got dark, thousands of these light, not quite mothlike bugs, descended in a cloud on the entire line of boats tied up at the town dock. People eating outside had to go inside. It looked like a plague from inside the boat where we were sitting. On Tuesday morning, they were piled up by the thousands on all the boats. Everyone had to sweep them up, and then wash off the rice sized yellow egg sacks stuck to the boats.

On Tuesday we headed back to Coeyman's Landing, and Wednesday we stayed back at Rondout Creek in Kingston. We had a devil of a time getting into our slip, with a 20 knot wind pushing us sideways. As our friend Clark from Sea Moss says, "Sometimes you watch the entertainment, sometimes you are the entertainment."

We are back at Haverstraw tonight, and will take off early tomorrow morning. The Spuyten Duyvil Bridge, which crosses the Harlem River and normally opens on demand, is broken and no one seems to be able to find out when it will be fixed. That adds three hours to the trip as we will have to go around the tip of Manhattan and up the East River to try to make it to Norwalk.

Of the many pictures we took returning through the Hudson Highlands, here's two that we thought you'd like.

From Norwalk, it's a slog back to Chester by Saturday night as we are trying to avoid thunderstorms that are predicted for Sunday.

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  1. With some good luck, my guess is that rounding the Battery will be a blast!