Friday, August 3, 2012

Norwalk, CT

The day went better than anticipated.  With the help of the tide (2+ Knots), we made it down the Hudson quickly.  As luck would have it, the Spuyten Duyvil Bridge had been repaired and opened for us, cutting the three hours it would have taken to go around Manhattan down to one. 

Once through Hells Gate and the Throgg’s Neck Bridge, it was a straight shot to Norwalk Cove.   Instead of arriving at 5:00, we got there at 2:00.  It was sweltering, so we rested up in the A/C until dinner time.

Coming back from our showers, we noticed a ruckus around a boat hoisted onto the TraveLift.  Two Seatow boats, the Coast Guard, Norwalk Police and Fire department.  On closer inspection, we could see water pouring OUT from the bottom of the boat.  The Norwalk harbor area is known to have a lot of rocks and reefs. They had hit one known as Georges Rocks, hard!

One screw was gone completely; the other badly dented, one rudder bent seriously backwards, the entire keel torn up, and holes in the hull bottom where the propeller shaft used to be. 

The C.G. had put three pumps on the boat to keep it from sinking while it was towed in.  Bad way to end the day.
River, who had not thrown up once the entire trip, let loose this afternoon.  While on this trip, he has been able to eat only things that were actually food, but obviously managed to scarf something awful down while on his leash. I did mention he isn’t coming on any more cruises.
Red sky at night sailor's delight .....

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