Friday, June 29, 2012

Haverstraw NY

Today started off with some excitement. River, our 9 year old Lab, has never taken to swimming. He goes in the water up to his chest, walks around, and that's it. Thom and Tyler were at the office checking out, and suddenly I couldn't find River. I heard some snorting noises, and there he was in the water. He saw me, and in his panic swam between the boat and the dock. I managed to push the boat away from him, and called two dock workers for help. It took the three of us to pull him out of the drink. After all these years, he can swim. Who knew?

The trip up the Hudson to Roundout Creek was just beautiful. The mountains against the river are spectacular. 


We passed a gravel factory, saw long freight trains, tugs pushing barges, tour boats and more scenery. Below is Tyler as we were coming up on West Point.

   We arrived here in Rondout Creek, and ended the day again in a pool.

Captain’s Supplement:
While looking out the window at slow moving scenery is not that thrilling to our 12 year old grandson, for me traveling through the Hudson highlands was both nostalgic and exciting. As a young man I traveled the twisting roads on both sides of the highlands from Ossining to Cold Springs, from Bear Mountain to Cornwall.

Seeing it again from the river's vantage was truly special. Especially West Point, where on summer weekends I sat on a knoll and listened to concerts given by the US Army Band.

Pollepel Island

Then Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Indian Point, Hyde Park…all with their own special memories...and The "CIA" Culinary Institute of America.

So perfect weather, fair but hot winds made this a great leg on our adventure cruise.

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