Thursday, June 28, 2012

Norwalk Cove Marina

Today we moved from Norwalk CT to Port Washington, NY but had no WiFi, hense yesterdays post today.

First, NorwalkCove was a great place to stay; good services and friendly folks.

Norwalk harbor is very picturesque, with lots of fishing boats (oyster draggers and lobstermen). Leaving the harbor we had great vistas and interesting sights like this lighthouse.

Wednesday was a much better day than yesterday. Seas were only 2 ft or less, which made for a comfortable crossing to Port Washington. Along the way we past the "Bounty", a three masted ship on it's way to OpSail in Boston.

Arriving at Brewer's Capri in Port Washington on Wednesday evening, we needed fuel, but more important, pumpout. At check in we were told that their pumpout system was broken and we would have to wait until the pumpout boat came at 9:30am. With an 11:30 slack tide at Hells Gate we would be gone before that.  They had WiFi - but it didn't reach our slip, hmmm ... not a good start.

Thursday - June 28, 2012 - our 21st wedding aniversay.

Maryann has great eyes and spotted the pumpout boat at 9am just as we were preparing to depart. A good Omen!

Manhasset is a wealthy area with many large water front homes. Just to re-enforce that point a helicopter emerged from just off the marina from a private home, bound for Manahattan we guess.

The weather was perfect and we headed to the Hudson River via Hells Gate and the Harlem River.

Past the Throgsneck and the Whitestone bridges, Riker's Island and Laguardia Airport we entered the narrow approach to Hells Gate by the Triborough Bridges.

At the narrowest spot on the east river we encountered a tug and barge as we squeezed under the Queens portion of the Triborough.  What a beautiful and exciting sight.

As we entered Hells Gate at Mill Rock, we got lucky again and met a Circle Line Cruise ship heading up the Harlem River - the same direction as we're headed - and followed it along right through to the Harlem River Railroad bridge at Spuyten Duyvil Creek to the Hudson.

Entering the Hudson north of the George Washington Bridge we headed up river. We encountered a NYFD fireboat heading south, past the Tappan Zee Bridge and enjoyed the views of Hook Mt. - a classic Hudson River view - and ended our day in the pool at Haverstraw Marina. In all, a perfect day.

Captain’s Supplement:

I grew up In NYC and swam in the Bronx Creek as a kid, ran a run-a-bout around City Island, fished from the shore at Old Ferry Point Park, biked to Fort Schuyler at the Maritime College. In a sense the Western Long Island Sound and the East River are home waters for me; A sail into my past.

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