Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rondout Marina

We decided to stay another day here in Rondout Creek and catch up on the laundry, shopping and housekeeping.  And rest up a bit. Tied up across the dock from us was a strangly familar looking boat. It looked like ours but more like a real and much older converted working tug. We though that it might be an early Nordic Tug 32 which was introduced in 1985 with a six-cylinder engine and speeds to 14 knots. We looked on the Internet and found a picture of 32 hull no. 10 and confirmed that this vessel was in fact a very early version of our very own Dunworkin (hull no. 201). Small world, eh?

Island Lady

A busy freight line runs alongside the Hudson on the west side. All day and night you hear train whistles and the sound of approaching trains. In view of where we are tied up, there is a railroad bridge which looks like a relic from another century. Look closely and you can see the freight train.

Tyler met up with some other boys, and they swam in the pool, jumped off boat swim platforms and swam in the creek, took their own dinghy out, and ended the day with a movie and a party.


Ever wonder what happens when one of those inflatable dinghies hits a sharp object? Wonder no more.  This afternoon a gorgeous Riviera yacht, maybe 45+ feet long, sleek and new, pulled in and tied up behind us. It boasted one of those dinghy garages, where you open the back of the boat and lower the dinghy right in the water using the swim platform/elevator.

The couple went out to explore the creek, and quickly came back. They had hit a sharp stick and punctured one side. They then left the dinghy tied to the boat for a few hours while they took care of important things like laundry and cocktail hour. It was dusk by the time the skipper stepped back into the dinghy to move it to the lift and return it to the garage. It swamped and almost sank, engine and all. While it was sitting there the side tube had filled with water. Thom helped him stabilize it and pumped it out with our old fashioned manual pump.

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  1. Sounds like it might be time for doggie pfds! Most of them have straps to make it easier to fish the beasts out of the drink. Of course, like with the two-legged sailors, the trick is to be wearing it (before) you need it!