Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Coeyman's to Waterford

A rainy travel day, but thankfully short.

Today's drama included one boat going aground as it tried to go the wrong way out of the marina, and then some excitement going through Troy Lock.  

This sailboat knotted his rope around the lock pipe (a no-no, you are supposed to leave it loose) and when the lock started filling with water, the rope got caught and the boat began to be pulled under.  The lockmaster stopped filling the lock and had to empty it so they could untangle the ropes. 

Albany is a bustling commercial shipping port.  I now know where all the barges come from.  This crane is filling a barge with (more - see previous post) scrap metal.

These barges are being loaded or unloaded.

There are quite a few "loopers" traveling in the same direction this trip. We arrived early in Waterford, NY and decided to take a spot on the Waterford Town Guest Dock instead of waiting until after we stopped for provisions. Good decision - within a half an hour there was no more room.

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