Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Amsterdam, NY to Little Falls, NY

After four days and five nights stranded in Amsterdam, we woke to fog.  Today the locks reopened at 8 am, and we were anxious to get on our way.

One thing about cruising is that you meet a lot of interesting folks doing, more or less, what you are. We been traveling the past few days with Ken and Terry on "Roundabout", a 42ft Grand Banks trawler home ported on Block Island. They are "loopers" on the first leg of a year long adventure. They lead the way today.

The Mohawk River is full of logs and debris and new sand shoals have appeared over night making cruising slow and exhausting.



Ken and Terry "locking-Thru" on MV Roundabout
We locked through seven locks today including Lock 17, the only lock with an over-head door. It is cavernous, with a lift of around 40 feet. As the great chamber door lowers, the booming sounds reminds us of the "Temple of Doom"

One bitter sweet moment came when we arrived at Little Falls where we spent two day on the 2012 Mini-loop.

At the approach to the main building, there is a fountain where two years ago we snapped a picture of us with River and Ellie. Today it seemed empty.

Our thoughts immediately went to River, who is no longer with us, and while saddened, we remembered his smile and missed him.

Little Falls, NY 2012
The day ended with a line of thunderstorms labeled "dangerous" by the weather service.  The show was spectacular. 

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