Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Frankford, ON, CN

Entering the Trent-Severn Waterway, we made our way through 6 more locks to Frankford, Ontario, bringing us to a total of 36 locks so far this trip and our 137th career lock. This is what is looks like approaching a lock.

When it is empty and the chamber doors open, it's like driving the boat into a shoebox or canyon. 

The Lockmaster closes the doors behind you, and fills the lock chamber with water. You wrap a line around a pipe or cable hanging on the wall, holding on for dear life, and float to the top. Then the doors in front open, and there you are on the new level.

Many of these locks are still manually operated. In this photo, the lockmaster walks the manual mechanism around in a circle, which slowly opens the doors. Notice the low, blue swing bridge in front of this lock, which will also be manually opened.

Liability laws are different here. Common sense is expected. Tonight there are 9 boats tied up around the outside of this lock. The lockmaster gave each one a key to the restrooms and shower, and went home for the night. Here's the walkway over the lock to the building. No signage, no chain link fence. Be careful, and don't fall in. But if you do, there’s a number to call.


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