Monday, June 23, 2014

Oswego, NY, US to Picton, ON, CN

We journeyed from Brewerton to Oswego, arriving late afternoon, a peaceful path we've taken before. There are seven lock thru's on the Oswego canal, one in particular was quite challenging due to strong currents and winds.  Everything in boating in a trade off - the taller boats with flying bridges have more room, but they act like a big sail in the wind and can be difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.  Interesting to watch when it's not you.

To celebrate the first weekend of summer, the city of Oswego held many special events, from a kayaker's Paddlefest from lock 3 to lock 7, which we managed to avoid, to various  street and park fairs.  Sunset over Oswego.

The day's events ended with a fireworks display which we watched right from the pilothouse windows. 
Ellie continues to make new friends.  People bring her their choicest leftovers.  Last night a French Canadian couple brought an offering of steak.  Two days ago, another woman brought the remains of a rotisserie chicken, carefully sorted for bones. Ah, life is good!

The Lake Ontario crossing always elicits a certain amount of anxiety, given its reputation for big waves and winds.  The forecast predicted calm, and sure enough, it was flat and uneventful. The challenge was staying awake through the monotonous scenery.  The skipper of Blue Moon, who crossed at the same time, admitted to falling asleep.  His wife decided to let him sleep and she kept watch while the autopilot kept them on course. 
The journey up the Adolphus Reach in the Bay of Quinte to Picton was quite beautiful, with pastoral scenery.  Picton Harbor is small and picturesque, almost like a little fjord surrounded by hills. 

Today will be spent exploring this pretty little town.
 Captains Supplement: Anyone who doubts that you can eat well on a small boat only needs to look at Maryann's perfectly prepared dinner of tonight. Did I say perfect? Yes indeed.



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