Saturday, June 14, 2014

Riverlink Park "Redux"

This morning the heavens opened and the rain poured down. Definitely not a good day to be on the Mohawk River.
We hunkered down and stayed at Riverlink Park Marina for a day of rest and reading.

As rains came down so did an enormous amount of logs and debris floating down the river. Extremely dangerous.

Sleeping is challenging at many points along the river and canal due to the trains that parallel the route. To give you some idea, here's a short video, shot near the dock, as an example of what we hear when a train going by ... sometimes there are two at once, one in each direction. Double the sounds!

So, while our lives went on hold for the day, unfortunately for Eleanor and therefor Maryann, life went on. 

Captain's Supplement:
With the rains yesterday, today came flash flooding. By early evening the river had risen 30" placing the floating docks at the top of the concrete wall.

Several of the larger yachts, tied up on the fixed wall had to move to an even higher wall as the water reached the top and their fenders no longer provided any protection.

 By 8:30 pm the river had placed the floating docks within a couple of feet of disconnecting from their pilings and I started having real concern for the safety of MV Dunworkin.

Checking our depth gauge frequently, by 10:30 the river crested at 15.7 ft. The NY Canal Authority opened the down stream locks to lower the levels and by 11:30 the depth was trending down and so was my anxiety.

This morning the dock is nearly level with the fixed wall but the river is still high at 14.3 ft., the current is swift and there is a lot of debris. May have to stay yet another day. 


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