Friday, July 18, 2014

Campbellford to Trenton, ON

We joined Tortuga, a 60 foot Ocean Alexander, in Campbellford, locking through with them for the two day, 12 lock, trip back to Trenton.  They hosted us for drinks and pizza one evening, and I can honestly say I've lived in smaller apartments!

It is a relief to be out of the Trent Severn.  The weather has produced heavy rains two out of every five days and the water levels this year are very high. In some places the amount of wall along the blue line is so small it is dangerous to try to tie up. Here there is only about 8 inches of wall.

We've been told that in order to lower the water levels, all the dams in the system have been opened. The flow in the canal is now at its maximum level to keep from flooding surrounding farm land. As locks are situated next to dams, the currents entering and exiting the locks are fearsome, making navigation exciting if not dangerous.
Now on to Kingston, Ontario.

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  1. On 7/24/14 I shared Lock 22 east of Lake Oneida with a Dunwerkin. Might that have been you? I was in a small kayak with a sign: Runyak 4 Liberty - Flint MI to Statue of Liberty. I even mentioned the Dumwerkin in my blog -;postID=5785949912815008818;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=1;src=postname