Thursday, July 10, 2014

Buckhorn, ON

Leaving Fenelon Falls, we made an unscheduled stop at Birch Point Marina, outside of Bobcaygeon, to have our broken hot water heater replaced.  Their competent mechanics had the job done in about three hours, but we stayed the night. Marinas in this part of Canada are all covered, although we haven't figured out why. Interesting.

The next morning found us winding our way back through the lakes and islands back to Buckhorn.  The weather cleared and the day was another perfect "10".

The houseboats change over on Saturday, so there were flotillas of them all going back to Bobcaygeon.  We are glad to leave them behind. 

Returning to Buckhorn, we stayed on the opposite side of the lock, away from the road and restaurant, where the Kawartha Voyageur docked last time we were here. There is a beautiful large park area which Ellie used to advantage chasing a tennis ball.
Captain's Supplement:
One of the best parts of cruising the Trent-Severn is meeting and talking to the "Loopers". They come on boats of every make and description, from de-masted sail boats to overly large deep water (homes on the water) yachts and they come from every place imaginable.
Today Maryann met a grandmother, originally from Arizona, who quit her job, moved to North Carolina, bought a boat (a 25ft Ranger Tug) and is single handedly doing the Great Loop!
Here with the skipper and another couple making the loop in a small motor-sailor, they exchanged stories and experiences.

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