Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hastings and Campbellford ON

We are now retracing our steps as we move down the Trent-Severn Waterway and head toward Kingston, Ontario. We stayed in Hastings on the lower lock wall last night and moved on to Campbellford today.

On our way south on the Otonabee River we passed "Errante" (formerly the "Golden Lily") headed north on the the Great Loop. We were with them in Roundout Creek, NY and again in Waterford, NY. where they went north through Lake Champlain and we the Erie Canal. This is Errante's second trip around the Great Loop.

The Otonabee River, which Maryann likens to a bayou, is a beautiful, narrow waterway dotted with cottage communities and alternating wilderness. 
While there are many nice small cottages along the river there are many more neglected ones.
Camping and small boats are the norm here, serviced by marinas like this one.
Finally, the river empties into Rice Lake.
Arriving at Campbellford, we were joined by six "Looper" boats that we had met previously in various ports on our trip up. They are continuing north on the Great Loop. 

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