Saturday, July 7, 2012

Brewerton, NY

Today was much like yesterday.  Still water, fishermen, and a feeling of going down an empty road.  We could show lots of pictures of the scenery, but it all pretty much looks like this.

For the first 20 locks, we were locking UP.  You drive into a drained lock with high walls, they close the gate, and let in water.  The water churns and pivots the boat, often forcing it hard against the wall of the lock.   Much like your bathtub filling up.  We reached the high point at 420 feet above sea level at Lock 20.  At Lock 21, we start locking DOWN.  You drive into a full lock, they shut the doors and open the drains.  A far more gentle process for the boat, it feels like you are in a big bathtub toy as the bathtub is draining.

We pulled over in Sylvan Beach to wait out thunderstorms on Lake Oneida.  While we waited, a mother duck with her brood came quacking for food.

We crossed Lake Oneida in about two hours, and settled in for the night at Winter Harbor.


  1. I am so enjoying your trip. Thanks for making it possible to come along.