Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ottawa, Canada

Dow's Lake Pavilion marina is a delightful place, with a busy canoe/kayak/paddle boat rental kiosk, three restaurants, and a park with walking paths and well used bike trails that take maximum advantage of the Rideau Canal.

The weather has really changed for the better.  Much cooler and breezier, making it a perfect day for exploring Ottawa.  Because the canal walls with power in downtown were full yesterday, we decided to stay here in Dow's Lake Pavilion. 

On Wednesday in Ottawa, seniors ride the buses free so we were off for the 10 minute ride down to the center of the city to take in the sights.

Here we are in front of the Supreme Court of Canada. Next to it is the Parliament Hill.

We went to the Byward farmer's market, found a wonderful Patisserie where we had our coffee and tartlets.  For our dinner we bought some cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, and some delicious thin green beans from a French woman's stall.  

To get to the park to walk the dogs, we must pass through the boat rental area.  It is usually packed with people and we try to maneuver the dogs carefully through the crowd.  River started a mini-riot when passing a group of Jamaican tourists, indelicately brushing a woman with his tail, who was checking out her life jacket.  She let out a scream, which brought everybody running.  Luckily, as we were apologizing, the rest of the group began laughing and teasing her.  They thought it hilarious. 
Last night as I took the dogs for their final potty break, I saw something that looked like a squirrel scurrying along a building.  River saw it, ripped the leash out of my hand, and disappeared around a corner.  I heard two squeaks, and he reappeared with a large rat in his mouth. He gave it an extra chomp and shake for good measure, and promptly lost interest in it.  He dropped it and returned to continue the walk.  Have I mentioned that this is the last large, strong dog I will ever own?

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  1. Hey! One of my friends overheard me talking your trip and swears he saw you heading up the Hudson around Marlboro NY. He keeps his sailboat over there.