Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sorel, Canada

The cruise up the St. Lawrence River to Sorel was pleasant, all open water and the current in our favor. It was a beautiful day again, and best of all, no locks to go through. The industrial area of Montreal soon gave way to more natural scenery with sandy beaches on either side of the river.

Even the character of the water changed. The color went to a more greenish blue, the surface was rippled, and it felt like we were headed towards the ocean. 

Our first view of Sorel, which is at the top of the Richelieu Canal, was of fiery smokestacks. The municipal marina here is nice, and we plan to stay here a day to catch up on laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, pumpout, and so forth. Then it's boogie for home!

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  1. As always wonderful travelogue. If you get near to us on Saturday the 28th, we are having small BBQ to celebrate Pat and Hanks 50th anniversary a little early since Doug and family are able to be here this week. Say the word and we'll send a car to pick you up at marina of your choice. Dogs welcome. Yard fenced. ;-)