Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chambly, Canada

The thunderstorms rolled through Montreal late yesterday afternoon, leaving 15,000 people without power. Just when we thought the storms were past we got caught out in a shower while walking the dogs. But, the real thunder and downpour didn't come to Sorel until the middle of the night when we were snug in our bed. The dogs, who are terrified of loud noises, quietly snuck onto to the bottom of the bed without waking us. We shoo'd them off when it was all over...it's a pretty small berth.

We said Goodbye to the St. Lawrence Seaway and the industrial part of Sorel as we headed south down the Richelieu River.  

During the morning, we had the river almost all to ourselves. A great contrast from Sunday, when everyone with anything that could float was zooming around. The scenery soon changed to lovely waterfront homes and green fields. The green is in contrast to the parched brown areas we had been seeing up until now.

Thom watched the black clouds to our west anticipating rain. When it caught up with us there were a few showers and the weather changed to windy, cloudy, and cool.

We cruised by farms, manicured lawns, and villages marked by stone churches. 

By midafternoon we arrived at Chambly Marina in Chambly. Thom had to do some tricky maneuvering to get in the breakwater and find our dock because it was quite windy and even a bit chilly.

"Chiens, Chiens!" We no sooner arrived when the child magnets were at it again, first with the dock hands and then with these two delightful girls walking down the dock.

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