Saturday, July 28, 2012

Westport, NY

The forecast for Thursday was 80% chance of rain and severe thunderstorms moving over Lake Champlain. So we decided to stay in Rouses Point. Gaines Marina was fairly new, clean and the people were very nice. 

On Thursday afternoon, our fresh water pump began acting erratically, and finally stopped working. We could manage without it, but two weeks is a long time to be bringing your fresh water into the boat in buckets. Thom ordered a new pump, scheduled to arrive on Friday at 2:00 p.m. so we were now going to stay a third day in Rouses Point, NY.

The pump arrived, and was promptly installed. Later that evening, I heard the trickling of water coming from the engine compartment. The starboard section was filling up with water from a strainer that had not been put back properly. We also made the unfortunate discovery that during the installation process, the mechanic had allowed about 20 gallons of water to drain into the bottom of our engine compartment, thinking it would go directly into the bilges and be removed automatically. Not so. We fixed the strainer, and I ended up bailing both compartments by hand.

The rest of the day was taken up with bathing River, laundry, and watching the movie The Descendants.

Our old acquaintances Clarke and Evelyn (we met first at Brewerton, NY) from Sea Moss caught up with us at Rouses Point. They are now headed down Lake Champlain with us towards their home in New Jersey.

We left Rouses Point this morning, a hazy, cool day. It's amazing - start your engine and immediately four men will show up to help you cast off.

The scenery going down Lake Champlain is just beautiful.

This area is worth a visit back and an extended stay. Distant mountains, green shores, and a lake dotted with hundreds of sailboats.

This must be sailing heaven. Everyone was under sail, moving briskly along, and towing dinghies.

Lake Champlain is sometimes referred to as the "6th great lake", with little islands and many sheltered bays where boats can anchor out. There was only the occasional little fishing boat being tossed around, and almost no cruisers waking us.

It was nice to be in open water.

We have docked for the night at Westport Marina in Westport, NY

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