Thursday, July 5, 2012

Little Falls, NY

We stayed put today at Little Falls, catching up on laundry, housekeeping, and getting some R&R. It seems like barely a day goes by without fishing a dog out of the water. This morning it was Ellie's turn (the white lab mix). Thom offered to take the morning outing, and somehow got her off balance getting off the boat. Luckily she loves to swim and he scooped her up and out quickly.

The visitor center here in Little Falls is quite nice. The park and facilities are comfortable and clean, and have everything a boater could want, with the exception of fuel or pumpout. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful to boot. Built in the 90's by the rotary club with some help from the state, it is having a very slow summer so far. This matches what we've seen, in that there are very few cruisers up this way this year.

The harbormaster offered to drive us the half mile into town, where we picked up a few things, had lunch, and walked back to the harbor dock.

There is also an arts and antique center to visit, housed in some old factory buildings, between the train tracks and the river  

Little Falls is typical of these upstate New York canal towns. Sixty years ago it was a thriving manufacturing town with a population of 15,000 and a classic Main Street. Now the population is down to 4500, with a few industries keeping the town going.

The one thing still booming is freight trains. Like at our previous overnight stops, the Conrail tracks follow the River and Canal and come roaring by at 20 minute intervals and are impressively long as well as loud.

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  1. We were looking at our photos from Italy this weekend and marveling at the romance of decaying cities. Somehow these American cities that are similarly downtrodden just make me sad. Perhaps they need another century to garner historical intrigue and tourism.