Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Today was our first foray into big water as we crossed Lake Ontario.  Weather forecast predicted 1 foot seas; we had 1 footers, the occasional 2 footer, mostly beam seas.  The boat yawed quite a bit due to the wind and currents, but in general handled it well.  There wasn't much scenery; once past the blockhouse it was open water until we came to Kingston.

For the past two days we have been traveling with Clark and Evelyn on their Mainship Sea Moss. They are docked here in Kingston with us, and are following the same route up the Rideau.

We passed a tall ship under sail outside of Kingston Harbor.

We plan to stay in Kingston at least one day and explore the town.


  1. My lake (and yes as a Rochester native on the banks of the great lake Ontario I do claim ownership rights) is mighty big ain't it? When I moved downstate and saw what people call lakes here I remember incredulously saying..."but you can see the other side! You must mean Greenwood Pond, right?". Smooth cruising on my lake!

  2. Wow. Big stuff crossing the Lake! Glad you didn't have to wait for a weather window. And glad the boat performed well. I'm guessing that you aren't missing the locks.