Saturday, July 14, 2012

Portland Canada

Today was more winding our way through the canals and lakes.  This part of Canada is suffering through a drought, and the water levels are low.  In one narrow channel, our depth indicator showed 0.0 feet clearance.  We held our breath as the boat kept going, and we soon had a bit more water. The twists and turns were reminiscent of the jungle ride at Disney World, only without the track guiding the boat.

Up until this point, we have been traveling away from the ocean.  At Newboro Lock, the highest point on the Rideau at 407 feet above sea level, we began traveling towards the ocean.  The positions of the buoys reverse, with red on the left and green on the right. 

This part of the Rideau is called cottage country, and is the most popular recreational area. 

Today is Saturday and the boaters in Canada leave their marinas and head for the locks and anchorages, which fill up quickly.  We met several local boaters who told us their home marina locations and decided there would be space to overnight since they were away.  We chose Len’s Cove Marina in Portland, which had plenty of open space for transients.  We ended the day in a nice, salt water pool.

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