Friday, July 13, 2012

Davis Lock, Canada

Continuing up the Rideau, we had to carefully thread our way through islands, swing bridges, locks, lakes, and channels. From paddlers to pontoon boats, runabouts to cruisers, the Rideau is paradise for boaters. Today's route took us through lakes and curving, narrow channels. One, called The Quarters, was a narrow section bordered by rock cliffs only 80 feet wide.

We ended the day at Davis Lock, one of the most secluded. Literally at the end of the road, It is 4.5 miles off the nearest highway with little wireless phone and no data service.

The lockmaster here has taken great care of the site, watering the lawn and carefully placing the benches and picnic tables. He is quite the character, with his golden retriever Molly, the place is very dog friendly. Dogs off leash happily running and swimming. In 13 days he will retire after 41 years in the Park Service, and we hope his replacement keeps the character of this special place.
Thom and I went for an afternoon swim, and settled in for the evening.

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