Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

We spent the day here in Kingston, a lively and very walkable city. The Confederation Basin where we are docked borders on a beautiful waterfront park and the old City Hall. 

The town contains a historically significant military center established by the war of 1812, is tourist oriented, and boasts Queen’s University. Kingston is nicknamed the “limestone city” due to the local stone used in many of the buildings.

Downtown is dominated by colorful restaurants.  With a distinctive English/Euro feel, they are of every ethnicity imaginable; English/Irish, French, Indian, Thai, American/TexMex, Asian, and more.

Surrounding the downtown area are picturesque, residential streets with historically significant houses dating back to the early and mid-1800s.  It reminds me of England, with flower gardens everywhere.

Although not a big city, it is a regional center with a full range of churches and cathedrals. We visited St. Georges – Canadian Anglican, St. Mary’s Cathedral – Roman Catholic, and passed St. Andrews Presbyterian.

After all that walking we found lunch in an English style pub called the Kingston Brewery (they actually brew their own very good beer).  Dinner was Indian at Original Curry.

Tonight we watched the Wednesday night fireworks over Fort Henry from our dock.

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  1. Looks like there would have been several impressive organs to play in those churches. Someone at work today told me that the Erie Canal has actually be partially relocated, some areas more than once.